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About me

Hi there, I'm Mona.

I am a Product Designer based in New York City. I team up with Product Managers, Engineers, Data Scientists, and many more to identify human problems and build effective human-friendly products.

In the past few years, I have worked in companies of different sizes, from startups with 5 employees, to medium-size, to a large corporation. I got involved in creating exciting products across industries including technology, healthcare, and finance.

My Journey to UX

Something that I truly enjoyed throughout all the different experiences I’ve had is the meaningful interactions with the people, empathizing and understanding them. After graduation, I have started my first job in a start-up company as a user-research engineer and that is how I have first learned about UX and the importance of design thinking. As a consequence of my realization, I chose to pursue this new path into UX and product Design where I could utilize my passions in a new purposeful way.

My goal is to build products through the emotional, functional, and aesthetic spectrums and to make a positive impact on people’s lives. 



  • Winner of Samsung Hackathon. The Galaxy Watch (GWD) Designer Day, August 2018

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