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Design Home Challenge

An Interior Design Game by Glu Mobile

UX/UI Design 2019

An Interview Challenge
I recently got interviewed by Glu Mobile (a game company) and was given a UX/UI Design challenge as part of their hiring process. Even though I didn’t get the job, the whole interview process was a priceless experience for me where I learned a lot about the game industry, their business/user challenges and how to keep users engaged! I thought it would be good to share as a portfolio piece!

A UX/UI interview challenge for Glu Mobile

My Role

​​UX/UI designer


48 hours


Design a "Contact Us" Screen. Imagine you have an issue and would like to contact the Design Home team. This screen should look like it belongs in the game, and should imitate its aesthetic.
UI Details

Image size: 750 x 1330

Fonts: Covet & Oswald

Required Elements:
  • A title

  • A sentence

  • A phone number

  • An email address

  • A contact form

  • A dropdown

  • A checkbox

  • A button

  • Any other UI elements you feel would be needed to navigate out of the screen.

Current App
Analyzing Current App
Key Features
Live Challenges
Live ChallengeThe Home Design game is mainly based on Live Challenges where each challenge has specific furniture requirements in terms of colors/models. To submit the challenge, Gamers need to buy furniture that meets the requirement!
VotingAfter submitting each challenge, your design will be voted by other gamers and based on their vote you'll get a score for each design! The average score you receive for the submitted design indicates your total design score!
Store ​ Gamers can buy decorations and furniture in both the game and real life. The app provides the link to the seller's website of all items.
Inside Challenge
Inside Voting
Current UI Pattern
As the first step, I started this challenge by analyzing the current design to learn more about the layout, margins, font styles, font sizes, color palette etc.
Layout, Margins
Font Size, Font Style
Color Palette
Users:​ Women from ages 22–55. From millennials to grandmas that are interested in interior design.
User's Need & Goals: It is not easy or cheap to buy a house as you wish and decorate it as you love! Home Design let's user to creatively design houses, rooms, and spaces as they wish through daily challenges. The main goal of users who play this app is to relax, to be creative, and to learn more about interior design.  
Business Needs: First-time users start the game with a limited budget and furniture resources. To be able to advance their levels and play more games, they should buy coins and diamonds! Paying real money, gamers can increase their money in the game.
Premium Store
What Did I Do?
Analyze & Research
After analyzing the current Design Home app, I recognized that social media like Facebook and Twitter are the main ways that users contact the support team and share their problems or questions. So, I started by putting myself in users' shoes and think about when and why would they need to contact the support team? What are their motivations or needs behind this action?
There are two situations when a user might need to contact the Design Home team:


Sara is playing a game and suddenly she receives an Error message.
 She can "Contact Us" through the error message.


Sara has a question about a feature and She'd like to contact us. She should be able to reach out to us through the app with a Contact Us feature.


Contact Through an Error Message


Contact Through the App Inbox 
Success Metrics
After implementing the Contact Us feature, I would like to focus on some KPI’s and check on the User's Engagement, Task Success Rate, and Overall Satisfaction. Here are some of the factors I would like to specifically look for in users' data:
  • Number of times that users recognize the "contact us" feature (click on them to learn more)

  • Number of times that users successfully report an issue through the app 

  • Number of times users report an issue or ask questions before posting it on social media

This success metric study is very valuable and can help me to understand whether the new "Contact Us" screen is well-recognizable and usable by the users and if not, how to make it valuable for customer's ease and satisfaction?

Success Metrics
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